20 April 2012


With this week being the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking, a reader requested a cartoon about the event, which also coincided with their birthday. I was happy to oblige!

Meanwhile, unlike the sole iceberg that struck the Titanic, two things struck me amidst all the media coverage of the disaster this week.

The first was a statement attributed to an academic that the three most written about subjects in history are Jesus, the American Civil War and the Titanic.

The other was the report about how many young people on Twitter didn't realize Titanic was real, thinking it was just a movie by James Cameron.

Seems a bit counterintuitive. If so much has been written about the Titanic, why aren't the kids finding out about the real story? (Maybe this cartoon will help!)

The Titanic story – be it the real or fictionalized version – is certainly a sobering   cautionary tale. A real life, modern day Tower of Babel story. (Be sure to look that up before tweet about not knowing what that is.)

Whatever side of the ship you wish to sail, be it movie or history book, it's worth reflecting on what we can still learn from Titanic 100 years on. Perhaps it's just the simple lesson that too much technology can be bad for you.

I'll try to keep that in mind the next time I tweet!