8 May 2008

I got up early today to watch a news segment that I had helped set up for a client whose business is sustainability. (An aside, for those who don't know ... Cartoonist is my dream job, but PR is my day job!) The segment was last item on the news, so while I was waiting for it to come on, I channel surfed and came across a programme by a televangelist called Creflo A. Dollar. (Yikes!) Skipped back to the sustainability. Nothing yet. Skipped back to Creflo. (Eek!) Back to sustainability. Still waiting. Creflo. Sustainability. Creflo. Sustainability. The lines were getting blurry. Then, I remembered I'd done this cartoon a while back. Sort of sums it all up I reckon.


Watched the news about sustainability. All good. Went back to bed.