"Cartoons by Jim is a great extention to our creative team. Especially for training manuals, PPT presentations and other internal communications tools, Jim's cartoons can add that extra dimension of humour that will ensure that important messages stick. We've recently introduced Cartoons by Jim as a regular feature on our blog, where we address topics relating to corporate social responsibility (csr), ethical business and cradle to cradle. The cooperation is outstanding and our audiences love the cartoons."

- Daan Elffers, EMG CSR Consultancy, The Netherlands (www.emg-csr.com)


"Brendan's cartoons cannot be ignored.  They are fresh, witty, and delightfully irreverent.  In most PowerPoint presentations, audiences quickly become bored with bullet point slides..  But they love - and remember - messages conveyed in cartoons.  After reading Brendan's first book, I commissioned a series of cartoons to use in my training workshops and online.  The service was excellent: fast and affordable.  Brendan quickly understood what was needed.  Best of all - my audiences laugh at his work."

- Greg Ward, media and presentation trainer (www.gregward.tv)

"Brendan has been drawing cartoons for the Learning for Life and Love program at Lutheran Community Care for nearly ten years. This program provides relationship education for couple through out the life cycle and there is no better way to make a point in a group setting, than to be able to laugh together over a carefully crafted cartoon.

Brendan has an amazing ability to present the funny side of everyday life in relationships. His wacky depiction of couples dealing with difference, communicating with difficulty and 'revolving' conflict, have been the basis of many meaningful discussion between couples of all ages. I have shown the cartoons to hundreds of couples over the years and they always get a laugh and often give enough of a sense of discomfort to help couples face some of their difficulties which need discussion.

Brendan's cartoons have often provided the framework for workshops and have been a draw card when promoting courses to the community. Other relationship educators have looked with envy at the cartoon resource which we have to enhance learning and to make the learning experience enjoyable.

I have used Brendan's cartoons for nearly ten years and still laugh at them and there is always a great deal of excitement and anticipation around the office when we know that a new cartoon is about to be sent across the Tasman. Brendan is a truly great cartoonist who can make us laugh and think at the same time. I commend his work to you."

- Helen Lockwood, Lutheran Community Care, South Australia


“Brendan was contracted on a number of occasions by Flinders Medical Centre, a large, public, teaching hospital in Adelaide, to use his cartooning talents to assist in changing staff attitudes, understanding and behaviour to create a health promoting environment in the hospital. He demonstrated flexibility and adaptability in creating cartoons and illustrations for a number of different projects and at all times, produced work of a high standard that was very well received by hospital staff. I recommend Brendan’s work to any organisation seeking to get key messages across to their staff and/or customers. He has a delightful and quirky style of humour that provokes thought and contributes to creating a positive organisational culture.”

- Cynthia Spurr, Director, Health Promotion Unit, Flinders Medical Centre