21 February 2015



You might remember a few years ago, I drew a bunch of cartoons for a new sex education programme that was being developed by a friend of mine from high school, who is now a fully qualified sexologist. This week, the programme officially makes its debut in New Zealand, and I couldn’t be prouder to see it finally reaching these shores. (Click here for a re-cap on what the programme is all about, and here for some immediate reaction it’s drawn from the media.)

It coincides with a challenge I had this week, which was to come up with a cartoon on the topic of “online theological education”. The above cartoon wasn’t my first effort. This was. While I reckon they both work pretty well, I must admit my fondness for the first one. 

In any case, the above cartoon makes the same point that the Body IQ / Relationship IQ programme (formerly known as ‘Get a Grip’) does – that is, you’ve got to have your brain switched on when you go online. It’s not hard to find nasty stuff on there, so make sure your kids have the skills to handle it if they do.  

Anyway, here’s to better education, both about sex … and theology!