25 December 2011


One Christmas tradition I've always liked are the crackers that come with Christmas lunch. They especially bring out the kid in me.

I always loved pulling the end of a cracker with a family member, hearing the satisfying little bang, followed by the faint, acrid smell of gunpowder. Then there was the flimsy paper crown, the tacky nick-nacks and, of course, the little sheet of jokes. There were always lots of lame puns, which neverhteless delighted my boyish brain.

I think that yearly tradition led to my enduring fondness for puns, of which the above cartoon is a direct descendant. I hope it finds you having a very happy Christmas, filled with laughter and whatever traditions - religious or otherwise - give it meaning for you.

For me, it will be popping Christmas crackers with my family over Christmas lunch. Let's hope there are some especially good puns this year!