My mum

25 May 2013

My mum


My mum turns 70 today, and this is a little tribute cartoon for her.

As well as being my mum, in her life she's also been a teacher, a counsellor and more recently, an artist developing her talent in mosaic.

It is painstaking work - that I know I would not have the patience for - taking broken pieces of discarded material and making something beautiful out of them.

If anyone knows what it's like to be broken, it's my mum. Several years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had lost several members of her own family to breast cancer over the years, so the pain of what it could mean was very real.

However, after a long period of treatment, she recovered from her own cancer. It's why her turning 70 is an extra special reason for our family to celebrate.

So today, I say thanks Alison for all your encouragement over the years, especially for my cartooning. Your own artistic endeavours in mosaic are an inspiration to me, and reflective of your gifts of patience and caring.

Happy birthday mum!