Game Changer

18 May 2016

Game Changer

About a year ago, I was chatting with a friend about my next book project. I’d had a bunch of ideas about what it could be … maybe a sequel to my last book, or an overview of my cartooning careers over the past 30 years … but nothing was really coalescing into a single definitive idea. Then my friend stated the obvious:

“Why don’t you do a book of all your technology cartoons?”

It seemed so simple. And it was. I had been working for the past 10 years in public relations consultancy roles on a wide variety of technology brands, and all the while my cartoonist’s brain had been creating cartoons that naturally picked up on the themes and topics that my PR consultant’s brain was mulling over on a daily basis. I checked my foilio and found dozens of cartoons on technology themes; definitely enough for a book.

Skip forward to today, where I am now very excited to announce that my new book, ‘Sounds Like a Game Changer: A soon-to-be obsolete collection of technology cartoons by Jim’ is complete and is now just busting to get published!

This is where you come in!

From today until the end of June 2016, I am seeking folks keen to support the publication of this book and pre-order copies so I can raise enough cash to print it and bring it to life. I have set up a campaign through Kiwi crowd-funding web site PledgeMe where you can place your order and score some cool rewards as well. Check out all the campaign details here!

I’m really proud of how the content of the book has evolved. As some major tech moments have occurred over the past year I’ve created new cartoons about them, and grouped them into seven distinct topics areas: innovation, devices, life online, tech at work, big data, sustainability and the future. I’ve added some written thoughts to each chapter drawn from my work with technology brands which complement the cartoons and give a bit more insight to their development and reflection on the issues they address.

I’m also super chuffed that my good friend and world-renowned scientist / technology guru Dr Michelle Dickinson (a.k.a. Nanogirl) is writing a foreword to the book! Can’t wait to see that!

So, if you’re into technology and love cartoons, this is the book for you. Be a game-changer, and help me get this book published!