23 December 2016



I recently drew the above cartoon for the Community of St Luke Christmas billboard. Strangely, it made the news. I have no idea why. Since when is honesty controversial?

This cartoon is more personal for me. 2016 has been a tough year. Not only because of the outcome of the US election (and I’ve had to eat my words about that), there’s just been so much awful stuff to crawl through.

Top of mind right now is the heartbreaking situation in Aleppo. How many pictures of dead and bloodied children do we have to see on TV before those in the position to influence the situation actually do something about it? It’s infuriating and soul-numbing.

So, am I thinking Christmas is going to make a difference to that somehow this year? Sadly, no. I just want this year over and done, and maybe come 2017 we can start to rebuild sufficiently so that there will truly be a reason for joy next Christmas.