Get a Grip

12 August 2011

Get a Grip

What was the sex education like at your high school? Probably not as cool as this course.

It was great to hear this week about the successful launch of the Get a Grip Teenz high-school program, produced by the Youth Wellbeing Project in Brisbane, Australia. 

It’s not just because the program manuals feature 20 cartoons by Jim (one of which is above!), but also because it’s something that I reckon is long overdue; namely, an education program for high-school students that doesn’t shy away from discussing the real issues and questions that young people face when it comes to sex and relationships.

As it says on the site, in this program “youth are encouraged to make smart choices; believe in themselves; set positive goals; and aim for healthy relationships.” That’s a great philosophy, and one I was pleased to help promote with the few cartoons I did to accompany the text.  

You can download PDF versions of the student manuals here to see all the cartoons, and if you work with high-school students and have been looking for a program like this, you can order a sample kit here.

Down with lame sex education in schools! Get 'Get a Grip' instead!