Touching a Nerve

The phrase “going to church” is an interesting one. It suggests that ‘church’ – a place where one presumably encounters God and receives spiritual sustenance – is located somewhere physically separate from ourselves where we must ‘go’ to have that encounter, be it a fancy stone building or similar establishment made from wood, bricks and mortar.

Cartoons are Jim’s church. In the process of creating these ‘(sac)religious’ cartoons over the last decade for magazines, billboards and online spaces, he has encountered life’s meaning as he’s made readers laugh – and touched a few nerves along the way.

The 120 cartoons in this book not only chronicle Jim’s spiritual journey from the past decade, they also reflect on some tumultuous times for humanity and show the need for cartoons that reveal truth, expose hypocrisy and make us laugh is as vital as it’s ever been.

Jim hopes you’ll enjoy this new ‘curly’ collection
of churchy cartoons, and that through it you will encounter a small piece of that same life-giving energy that he found in creating them.