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    23 June 2008

    One movie (or should I say, two movies) that I've been watching obsessively lately is (are) the superb apocalyptic thriller(s), 'I Am Legend'. When I saw the original theatrical release, I was left impressed - but slightly cold - at the bleak concluding dichotomous vision of an unredeemable humanity infected by rage, and a minority hiding behind a giant wall holding onto a potentially vain hope of survival guided by God and guns. However, thanks to double-disc special edition box sets, I saw an alternate version (vision?) of the movie. All it took was three minutes of an alternate ending and every scene in that movie meant something different. It was more hopeful, and at the same time, less hopeful. I liked it better, although something about it made me like it less. If you've seen both versions, you'll know what I'm talking about. I still don't know which I prefer, but what I do know is that each says something completely different because of those very different conclusions. Endings, like punchlines, are important. They can retroactivate meaning throughout an entire narrative; so you've got to think about how you end. It can mean the difference between making sense and not making enough sense, communicating or confusing for the sake of it; perhaps even between dying and really living.

  • Sustainability

    8 May 2008

    I got up early today to watch a news segment that I had helped set up for a client whose business is sustainability. (An aside, for those who don't know ... Cartoonist is my dream job, but PR is my day job!) The segment was last item on the news, so while I was waiting for it to come on, I channel surfed and came across a programme by a televangelist called Creflo A. Dollar. (Yikes!) Skipped back to the sustainability. Nothing yet. Skipped back to Creflo. (Eek!) Back to sustainability. Still waiting. Creflo. Sustainability. Creflo. Sustainability. The lines were getting blurry. Then, I remembered I'd done this cartoon a while back. Sort of sums it all up I reckon.


    Watched the news about sustainability. All good. Went back to bed.

  • 28 April 2008

  • Here we are

    15 April 2008

    OK. Here we are. The bizarre world of blogs. Don't mind me while I just get a few lines down to start with. Thanks for visiting my site, and rest assured that future posts here are going to be more interesting than this, and probably even feature a few new cartoons that I've been doing lately.

    In the meantime, please send me an email through my contact page, especially if you would like to be added to my email / newsletter / update thingy (another beast which is yet to take form.) Oh yeah, and while you're here, don't forget to purchase a copy of my outrageously hilarious book, Gone Astray (if you haven't already!)

    Thanks for visiting, and stay tuned for more!

    Ciao, Jim.

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